Hi, I'm Phil!


I'm a PHP developer based in the south west. I've been interested in web development since 2001, when I created a pretty rubbish website for my secondary school. After messing around with a couple backend languages, I settled on PHP which I've been using for over 10 years.

For about 5 years, building websites was just a hobby. In 2011, I was offered a job working as a schools web developer, which started my career as a developer. Since then, I've joined the world's leading investment crowdfunding platform (and a super cool company) as an engineer.


Started learning PHP casually around 2005, and has remained my primary language since. I absolutely love everything about Laravel, but also like working with Symfony quite a bit. I have a passion for creating admin tooling. I find it enjoyable to see tools that I've written helping others.


Recently, I've rediscovered Javascript, and I love it. I learnt about webpack and found it super interesting, so went and relearnt javascript, with ES6 classes and syntax. It's also given be a good entry point into React Native which I'm also really interested in knowing more about.


My favourite editor is Sublime 3 with Material theme. I love material theme so much, that I also themed my Slack app, and ubuntu terminal with the same colour scheme! I was a Windows user for all my life. Spent a year on a mac (didn't like it), then swapped to Ubuntu, which I love.

Outside Development

While I do love web development, and spend quite a bit of time reading webdev articles, it's not all I do! I'm married, and a Dad. I love playing guitar (like PHP, I'm self taught), playing the playstation.

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