Welcome, I'm Phil!


Welcome, my name is Phil, I'm a PHP developer based in the south west. I've been interested in web development since 2001, when I created a pretty rubbish website for my secondary school. After messing around with a couple backend languages, I settled on PHP which I've been using for the last 10 years.

For about 5 years, building websites was just a hobby. In 2011, I was offered a job working as a schools web developer, which started my career as a developer. Since then, I've joined the world's leading investment crowdfunding platform as an engineer.

Server Side

My main passion is server side development. I love writing code which contributes to a project. Primarily I'm a PHP developer, and love working with Laravel. Along side the languages, I've got experience of setting up and maintaining WAMP and LAMP stacks, both on dedicated local servers, and remote VPS's.

Client Side

While I focus mainly on the server side, knowing client side languages is pretty much a requirement for any developer, as such I spend quite a bit of time learning front end languages and frameworks such as HTML5, Vanillia CSS and Javascript, and also frameworks such as jQuery and Bootstrap. I've also created sites from the ground up, as well as working with pre-made templates from other designers.


As I'm a PHP deveoper, my preferred database is MySQL, I've worked with it both in Laravel (Eloquent), CLI and I'm pretty confident at raw SQL. With other projects, I've also worked with Active Directory integrations and huge MSSQL databases, containing upwards of 1,000,000 records, and also retrieving data from API's and other sources, such as Twitter, Facebook and DigitalOceans API, and CSV and XML files.


While developing in Notepad was semi acceptable in 2001, it definately isn't now! I use a lot of common software, the most common being Sublime. I've tried PHPStorm, but found it over complicated for my particular needs. Also, while I do work as a sole developer, I do have experience with Git. Other software includes Filezilla (Client and Server), Windows server 2008/2012, Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu), Photoshop CS2 / CS6, SSL FFMPEG, and others.

Outside Development

While I do love web development, it's not all I do! I'm married, and a Dad. I love playing guitar (like PHP, I'm self taught), playing the playstation (sorry, not an xbox or PC guy!). I also enjoy chilling out watching Netflix, or relaxing in a local beer garden with friends!

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